Introducing support for Kubernetes 1.17 and 1.18 -Welcome Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) v1.3.0

We are happy to introduce official and certified support for Kubernetes 1.17 and 1.18 to our Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) with release 1.3

Introducing support for Kubernetes 1.17 and 1.18 -Welcome Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) v1.3.0

Oh the smell of a home-made meal.. Mesmerizing, right? A new Fury distribution has been carefully brewed. This time we wanted to focus on adding support to two new Kubernetes versions: 1.17 and 1.18. Increasing the options of this distribution from 1.15 to 1.18. And guess what? CNCF has certified this new release for Kubernetes 1.17 and Kubernetes 1.18.

Benefits of a Certified Kubernetes Distribution

CNCF helps to build a community around open source container software, and has established the Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification to fulfill that goal. Certified Kubernetes solutions are validated by CNCF. They check that versions, APIs, and such are all correct, supported, and working as expected so users and developers can be assured their Kubernetes-based solutions will work with ease, now and in the future. So imagine having a single distribution certified for 4 releases.

Fury Distribution CNCF certification badges
Fury Distribution CNCF certification badges

Logging architecture

Refactoring one central pillar of the Kubernetes Fury Distribution to increase performance while maintaining robustness wasn't for the faint-hearted! But our product team is nothing but fearless when the logic is sound, so they changed the overall architeture for this release.

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Log recollection from the nodes were a fluentd journey until this release. Now it uses a daemonSet for fluentbit because is lighter than fluentd during log recollection. Then its collected with a fluentd deployment which alone pushes logs to elasticsearch.

Fury v1.3.0 logging architecture
Fury v1.3.0 logging architecture


Given the current maturity of our Kubernetes Fury Distribution we where able to 'simply' certify all of our current modules as they are in the 1.17 and 1.18 Kubernetes versions. This gives you an example of how robust the Fury Distribution is.

It continues to provide its core modules like networking through calico, ingress with nginx and cert-manager, monitoring with prometheus, grafana and alert-manager, logging with fluentbit, fluentd  and elasticsearch, disaster recovery with velero, and policy enforcement with OPA. Just to name the most relevant ones!

Updated developer portal - documentation update

Keeping the documentation portal up to date and relevant, is one of our top priorities as a CNCF company.

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Documentation is key to enable our devs and operations to take ownership of their infrastructure and provide a production-grade Kubernetes Fury Distribution experience.

You can find our Kubernetes Fury comprehensive documentation and developer portal at: and

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You can find the complete changelog here.

We welcome any suggestions and are excited about what is coming next. If you are curious about how Kubernetes Fury works and how it can help your organization to grow, reach out!