KFD 1.27.3 plus furyctl 0.27.3

The Kubernetes fury Ecosystem Keeps Growing with KFD 1.27.3, furyctl 0.27.3, and new packages.

KFD 1.27.3 plus furyctl 0.27.3
The Kubernetes fury Ecosystem Keeps Growing with KFD 1.27.3, furyctl 0.27.3 and new packages.

We are proud to announce the latest release of KFD - Kubernetes Fury Distribution, in which we have added support for Kubernetes 1.27.3.

In the 1.27.x release, we have released a brand new Tracing module and added new packages for the OPA and Monitoring modules and a new migration feature when changing values in the schema.

Compatibility with Kubernetes 1.27

We maintain a strong commitment to keeping on top of the latest Kubernetes versions and all the community tools in order to provide a production-ready and full-fledged Kubernetes Distribution.

This latest release brings KFD's compatibility to Kubernetes version 1.27, updating all core modules and introducing add-on management on EKS.
If you want to go in-depth, you can find the complete list of changelogs here: https://docs.kubernetesfury.com/docs/releases/ .

We also released new 1.26.5 and 1.25.10 versions and updated all modules where possible.

New packages: Kyverno, Mimir, Tempo

KFD Architecture

We added new packages and a new module on the distribution:

  • Tracing module (new module, not available on 1.25.x)
    • addition of the Tempo package, which provides tracing capabilities on the Distribution
  • OPA
    • The addition of Kyverno represents an alternative to Gatekeeper in order to add policing capability to your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Monitoring
    • Addition of Mimir, which is used to improve and enable long-term storage for metrics and scalability.

With these new packages, we finally completed the inclusion of the LGTM stack from Grafana!

furyctl 0.27.3

The new furyctl version includes a lot of new features, starting from the capability to automatically upgrade KFD clusters, enhanced compatibilities with older KFD versions, fields immutability, and also automatic migrations on key fields to automatically migrate the configuration of the cluster from one state to another.
For example, when disabling a module by setting the type: none in the schema, the cleaning of the deactivated components will be automatically performed.

KFD Overview

Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) is a CNCF certified, production-grade, battle-tested Kubernetes distribution based purely on upstream Kubernetes. It is developed and maintained by SIGHUP, and it is fully open source.

Give KFD a try.

Our distribution can be deployed on top of any standard Kubernetes cluster and of all the major managed solutions such as EKS, GKE and AKS.

Are you running your infrastructure on another provider?
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, there are good chances that we support it too!


Our Team continuously strives to support the community, respond to new business needs, and maintain our distribution update.
Keep following us, as we are already working on the new version 1.28!