Welcome back again! We are pleased to announce and roll-out a new release of Kubernetes Fury Distribution that now reaches v1.2.0.

This release includes not only changes and general updates in the Fury Distribution core modules, but we are also happy to introduce new add-on modules for certified and supported workloads.

New generation installers

KFD is not only a Certified Distribution but also a complete Kubernetes battle-tested ecosystem. We are pushing very hard to provide a smooth and secure experience for cloud-native governance and production-grade cluster IT operations. For this reason, Fury ships with a comprehensive catalog of cloud installers targeting most popular cloud providers.

We are therefore happy to introduce our second-generation cloud installers for GKE, EKS, and AKS. All of them implement a common, open interface to create and manage public cloud Kubernetes clusters and the surrounding architecture. With them, you can make sure to provision your clusters with safe defaults, controlled networking, load balancing integration, and more.

Regardless of your target environments KFD Installers for public cloud providers will ship:

  • Private control plane: The cluster control-plane shouldn't be public. Only accessible from a user-defined network.
  • Seamless cluster updates: The control-plane should be updated as soon as a new release is available.
  • Seamless node pools updates: Once the clusters control-plane receives an update, node pools should be updated too. These installers make this process straightforward.
  • Support for multiple node pools: It's interesting to have multiple node pools to enable different workloads types. Each node pool can be configured to have different machine types, labels, and Kubernetes versions.
  • Secured networking and bastion implementations

These installers are shipped and implemented using Terraform as independent modules that you can easily use in your infrastructure as code (IAC) project. Take a look at the following examples:

module "my-cluster" {
  source  = "github.com/sighupio/fury-eks-installer//modules/eks?ref=v1.0.0"

  cluster_version = var.cluster_version
  cluster_name    = var.cluster_name
  network         = var.network
  subnetworks     = var.subnetworks
  ssh_public_key  = var.ssh_public_key
  dmz_cidr_range  = var.dmz_cidr_range
  node_pools      = var.node_pools
EKS Installer example
module "my-cluster" {
  source = "github.com/sighupio/fury-gke-installer//modules/gke?ref=v1.0.0"

  cluster_version = var.cluster_version
  cluster_name    = var.cluster_name
  network         = var.network
  subnetworks     = var.subnetworks
  ssh_public_key  = var.ssh_public_key
  dmz_cidr_range  = var.dmz_cidr_range
  node_pools      = var.node_pools
GKE Installer example

Note how they share the same interface, so you don't have to take care of the underlying implementation to create a production-grade cluster into all major cloud providers.

If you want to learn more: https://docs.kubernetesfury.com/docs/installers/

Fury Enterprise Registry with Harbor

Production grade workloads can't rely on external services. This is why we are happy to announce that Harbor is becoming the official Kubernetes Fury Registry, fully supported within our installations - available both for Community and Enterprise clusters.

This is becoming a critical component in our architecture that will allow you to:

  • Avoid downtime from third parties (recently quay.io went offline for 20hrs) by proxying only required images
  • Implement your security policies by signing and verifying your images

Harbor provides a complete stack of utilities around container images to achieve enterprise-grade features on top of a traditional container registry:

  • Security and vulnerability analysis
  • Content signing and validation
  • Image replication
  • Identity integration and role-based access control
  • Multi-tenancy

If you want to learn more: https://docs.kubernetesfury.com/docs/modules/registry/

Fury Kong module: run Kong with confidence on certified upstream Kubernetes

It's no secret we love Kong. As their main go-to-market partners for Italy and southern EMEA, we are proud to announce that Kong is officially supported and fully certified to run on Kubernetes Fury - both for Community and Enterprise customers.

KFD ships with and fully supports the Kong Ingress Controller as a core component and add-on module.

It can be used along with the bundled nginx-ingress controller so you can use and compare both options, or as the main ingress controller of your cluster.

Please note that this is a BYOL module.

If you want to learn more: https://docs.kubernetesfury.com/docs/modules/kong/

Updated developer portal - documentation update

Keeping the documentation portal up to date and relevant is one of our top priorities as a CNCF company. Documentation is key to enable our devs and operations to take ownership of their infrastructure and provide a production-grade Kubernetes Fury Distribution experience.

Photo from: https://www.pexels.com/photo/book-shelves-book-stack-bookcase-books-207662/

You can find our Kubernetes Fury comprehensive documentation and developer portal at: https://kubernetesfury.com

📦 Wrapping it up

You can find the complete changelog here.

We welcome any suggestions and are excited about what is coming next. If you are curious about how Kubernetes Fury works and how it can help your organization to grow, reach out!