Kubernetes Fury Distribution secured by YOROI: the new frontier in Cluster Defence

SIGHUP and YOROI partnered together to provide organizations with a Leading-edge Kubernetes distribution that will speed up and fully secure production-grade Cloud Native environments.

Kubernetes Fury Distribution secured by YOROI: the new frontier in Cluster Defence
The new frontier in Cluster Defence: Kubernetes Fury Distribution secured by YOROI

SIGHUP and YOROI partnered together to provide organizations with a Leading-edge Kubernetes distribution that will speed up and fully secure production-grade Cloud Native environments.

Kubernetes has become essential in modern software development and deployment due to its ability to provide a scalable, flexible, and automated platform for managing containerized applications at scale.

We used to talk a lot about the main benefits provided by Kubernetes adoption (such as Automated deployment and scaling, Increased availability and reliability, Flexibility, Portability,Resource optimization, Open Source and Community background), but we often avoid talking about the downsides that could arise while approaching modern architectures based on Cloud-native environments.

Kubernetes Threats

While Kubernetes offers an incredible amount of benefits, there are also some potential threats that should be evaluated and considered at the beginning of a Cloud-Native Journey, to correctly choose the best partners and suppliers to rely on.
The main threats you may face and that you should be ready to address are:

  • Complexity: Kubernetes is a complex platform that requires a significant amount of expertise and resources to set up and maintain. This complexity can lead to configuration errors, security vulnerabilities, and other issues if not properly managed.
  • Security vulnerabilities: As with any technology, Kubernetes can be vulnerable to security threats if not configured and managed properly. For example, a misconfigured Kubernetes cluster could expose sensitive data or allow unauthorized application access.
  • Lack of standardization: Kubernetes is a rapidly evolving technology, and there is a lack of standardization across different versions and distributions.

To avoid these downsides, you need to carefully consider the potential threats and ensure that Kubernetes is properly configured and managed to mitigate these risks.

Here is where the new solution provided by SIGHUP and YOROI comes into action!

Thanks to our powerful solution, you can rely on a trusted CNCF-certified Kubernetes Distribution, hardened thanks to native integration with the powerful solution and approach powered by YOROI.

Why is Cybersecurity on Kubernetes so relevant?

Cybersecurity on Kubernetes refers to the practice of protecting the Kubernetes environment against cyber threats such as unauthorized access, malware, and data breaches.
Despite the numerous benefits of Kubernetes, it also introduces potential vulnerabilities and new attack surfaces. A recent report by the security organization "The Shadowserver Foundation" revealed that 84% of systems hosting Kubernetes are accessible via the Internet, highlighting the critical need for security measures to protect against cyber threats.

To prevent data loss, unauthorized access, and maintain productivity, safeguarding Kubernetes from cyber attacks is essential. The solution to this problem is to increase visibility and security levels in Kubernetes environments through dedicated tools.

A comprehensive security strategy that includes a combination of these security measures, best practices, and tools is essential to ensure the security of Kubernetes. By doing so, organizations can significantly minimize the risks of cyber attacks and protect their critical data and systems.

To ensure the security of Kubernetes environments, cybersecurity measures such as access control, network security, vulnerability management, and encryption are implemented. These measures help to secure resources, including applications, data, and infrastructure.

In addition, organizations must adopt a proactive and Dynamic Defence approach to Cybersecurity on Kubernetes by regularly monitoring the environment for potential threats and vulnerabilities and addressing them promptly.

Defend your cluster against Cyber threats thanks to KFD secured by YOROI

SIGHUP and YOROI decided to partner together to provide organizations with a reliable solution capable of maximizing Cloud Native environment benefits and minimizing the threats that can come from Kubernetes adoption.

SIGHUP is an Open Source Software Vendor focused on developing and automating enterprise-grade IT infrastructure based on Open Source and Cloud Native technologies. We enable organizations to adopt Cloud Native technologies and run mission-critical production workloads thanks to our Kubernetes Fury Distribution and a collection of technologies, skills and consulting paths that accelerates the development and deployment of applications on Kubernetes.

YOROIone of the most prestigious cybersecurity vertical players in Italy - develops and manages Adaptive and Dynamic Cyber Defence Systems for its customers, using proprietary technologies, with the aim of significantly reducing their risk of suffering cyber attacks and preventing the related damage from compromising the continuity of their business and corporate stability.

YOROI has founded the first Italian CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team - (and so far still the only one), which obtained the prestigious 3rd and highest level of classification, called «certified», from the European Trusted Introducer, a network made up of over 400 CERTs owned by state bodies, large national and multinational companies, supranational entities.

YOROI is also an active member of FIRST ( Forum of Incident and Response Security Teams ) and so far the only Italian member admitted to the CTA – Cyber Threat Intelligence Alliance – an organization where a small group of some of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies share their threat intelligence to better fight cybercrime around the world.

Summing up the two companies' skills, we developed a solution that merges all the key strengths of Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD), with the innovative defence approach to Cyber Security provided by YOROI.

KFD is an Open Source, CNCF certified, production-grade, battle-tested Kubernetes distribution based purely on upstream Kubernetes that enables organizations to be free of Vendor lock-in and embrace a modular approach to Kubernetes management relying only on Open Source and  CNCF landscape best solutions.

KFD secured by YOROI will integrate dedicated Cybersecurity modules based on YOROI technologies. Those technologies aim to protect network communication “from” and “to” pods and to constantly monitor processes against malicious content directly containers side.

The built technologies are called Tessen and Kote.

Tessen is the Network Detection and Response solution designed for pods. It analyzes network traffic to identify threats, indicators of compromise, and abnormal behavior. Additionally, it can integrate with external systems to correlate alerts and carry out response operations. Tessen is implemented as a standalone pod on a node and operates by intercepting network traffic and comparing it to advanced threat intelligence indicators to identify malicious content. When a threat is detected, a remote controller can manage it by visualizing the threats and initiating an incident response procedure directly from the web platform.

Kote is a powerful tool developed by YOROI Labs to detect anomalous activity in real-time. It analyzes processes in every container and interacts with them to identify suspicious and malicious behavior. Kote is capable of responding to threats by blocking malicious processes and network connections. It is constantly updated with YOROI Threat Intelligence and rulesets from advanced deception activities conducted on atomic red tests. The combination of Tessen and Kote offers the best security solution in a Kubernetes environment.

But the technology is not enough when configuring, managing and securing a Cloud Native environment; that’s why we’ve bound KFD secured by YOROI with enterprise-grade support services provided by our companies: Fury KFD Support and YOROI Cyber Security Defence Center (CSDC).

We aim to bring to the market a cutting-edge solution with a pioneering defence approach to Cluster security.

"SIGHUP is thrilled to partner with YOROI to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to organizations that rely on Kubernetes for their infrastructure. Our revolutionary KFD secured by YOROI solution provides a battle-tested Kubernetes distribution with native integration for cybersecurity defence, offering unparalleled protection against potential cyber threats. Our companies share an unwavering commitment to innovation, and together we will work to provide the most advanced technologies available to accelerate and secure organizations business and operations", stated Jacopo Nardiello, Founder & CEO at SIGHUP

"I am delighted to announce the exciting partnership between YOROI and SIGHUP, which marks a significant milestone in our mission to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions for Kubernetes environments. With SIGHUP's expertise in Kubernetes management and our industry-leading threat intelligence and detection capabilities, we are confident that this partnership will provide our clients with the best-in-class security they deserve", said Marco Ramilli, Founder & CEO at YOROI

Moreover, the background skill set of our companies comes with a comprehensive knowledge of the Cloud Native and Cybersecurity needs of enterprise organizations.
This common subset will lead us to keep working on foreseeing and anticipating new demands to keep providing a fully secured environment in compliance with regulations.