SIGHUP Kubernetes Training: Kubernetes for Application Developers

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of Kubernetes and get ready for the Linux Foundation Official Certifications? Our training classes will guide you on your path to the certification, helping you grow your skills and providing best practices for the exams.

SIGHUP Kubernetes Training: Kubernetes for Application Developers
SIGHUP | Kubernetes For Application Developers | Calendar for 2022

After years of experience with public and private workshops, SIGHUP decided to launch their own Public Training Classes: Kubernetes for Application Developers. SIGHUP Public Training Classes are designed to boost developers skills in Kubernetes and are open to company employees, freelancers and students.

Knowledge of Kubernetes is rapidly becoming indispensable in the job market as more and more companies understand the potential and the advantages of Cloud Native technologies.

However, handling Kubernetes means dealing with a complex system and being able to understand and use a wide range of context and tech tools. In fact, this set of skills is still only really at the disposal of a niche of developers and software engineers while companies need it to generate more business.

SIGHUP Training classes help us achieve our mission to enable every organization to adopt and maintain an operating model based on Kubernetes technologies as they give developers and engineers concrete skills in Kubernetes.

SIGHUP Trusted training partner

We consider Training a core part of our offering, so we have invested our time and energy in this field, gathering years of experience and achieving the official Kubernetes Training Partners (KTP) certification.

What does that mean, exactly?

This tier of vetted training providers means that we have proven deep experience in Cloud Native technology training. To become a KTP, companies need to meet specific requirements such as the ability to demonstrate strict benchmarks of experience and quality of the training, be an existing KCSP, have deep knowledge of Kubernetes and be actively involved in the community, and have CKA or CKAD qualified instructors.

Kubernetes for Application Developers Training Class

This training aims to cover the basics of Kubernetes and provide guidelines for those wanting to become a Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD). It is designed for developers and software engineers who want to deepen their knowledge of Kubernetes and learn the best practices for deploying monolithic architectures and/or microservices.

Thanks to this training:

  • You will become a black belt in all core components for the management of the application lifecycle;
  • You will learn how to use Helm and Kustomize to manage and deploy your applications;
  • You will learn how to debug and troubleshoot your applications;
  • You will learn the best practices for deploying your software architectures;
  • You will have a guideline to better prepare for the CKAD certification (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer).

The course will be delivered in two sessions of 4h, spread over two consecutive days and will cover a wide range of topics:

Core concepts & hands-on lab

  • Workloads & Deployments
  • Configuration & Secrets management
  • Exposing services on Kubernetes: Services, Network & Ingresses
  • Storage

Best practices for application deployment on Kubernetes

  • How it all started: 12-Factor Apps
  • Probes: liveness & readiness
  • Requests & limits
  • InitContainers & graceful termination
  • Cloud Native logging
  • Isolating resources in namespaces

Kubernetes Design Patterns

  • Core Concepts
  • Sidecar pattern
  • Adapters
  • Ambassador pattern

Troubleshooting and debugging application failures (lab)

Managing manifests

  • How-to package your application
  • Kustomize vs. Helm
  • Kustomize in a nutshell
  • How to package your application with Help

Kubernetes Architecture Core Concepts

  • Architectural Core Concepts
  • Control plane architecture (Masters)
  • Nodes architecture
  • Other important concepts: CRI, CNI, CSI, etc..

As Certified Kubernetes Training Partners (KTP), we can provide you with a bundle for the official Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam.

Kubernetes for Application Developers Training Classes Calendar

We have already published the whole Training class calendar for 2022, and you can book your preferred spot on this page. Remember to reserve your seat in advance because each training class has a limited number of tickets.

The first class is starting soon. If you want to attend, reserve your spot now. There are only 15 tickets available, register here.

SIGHUP | Kubernetes For Application Developers | First Class May 2022